The mission of BBCH is to equip parents with the knowledge of up-to-date science and law relevant to children's health and to empower them in their own communications with medical doctors to protect their children's health and well-being.

Meet&Greet SESSION 
hosted by Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D.
Sept 22, 2018, 6 PM PDT

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Annual membership fee: $100 USD
NATURAL IMMUNITY FUNDAMENTALS (6-part Class with Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych) Events
To help BBCH members gain science-based foundation on natural immunity,Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D. has pre-recorded a series of six lecture-webinars called NATURAL IMMUNITY FUNDAMENTALS (NIF). Her lectures highlight modern research on the effects of nutrition, lifestyle, and vaccination on the immune system. As a BBCH member, you can watch NATURAL IMMUNITY FUNDAMENTALS at your own pace, while making positive changes to nourish your children’s immune systems. For the list of NIF lecture topics click HERE.
In addition to complementary attendance of BBCH HOUR events, BBCH members have exclusive access to all archived BBCH HOUR slideshows. Slideshows are backed up by peer-reviewed studies and may serve as a quick reference guide on how to understand science relevant to children's health.
Evidence-based STUDy Repository Studies
Parents may spend countless hours researching health care choices but few remember to keep handy the studies that informed their decisions. Our evidence-based study repository is a growing collection of peer-reviewed studies relevant to re-assessing the risks, benefits, or necessity of common pediatric interventions.
Few parents are aware of mandatory reporting laws that may affect the outcome of their interactions with their child’s healthcare provider.  Parents are encouraged to get familiar with their state’s mandatory reporting laws in order to make sound judgment calls when interacting with the medical system. We bring together statutes on mandatory reporting relevant to medical settings in U.S. states as a quick reference for BBCH members. 
Building BridgeS In Children's Health forum Forum
Have you been bullied by a doctor over health care choices you carefully made for your child? You are not alone. BBCH welcomes its members to the FORUM to share experiences and peaceful solutions to medical bullying. Our goal is to move beyond the culture of medical bullying by cultivating confidence about our health care choices and choosing to work with doctors who champion informed consent.
BBCH is a proud member of the Coalition for Informed Consent,spearheaded by Physicians for Informed Consent, a non-profit organization dedicated to uniting doctors for informed consent in vaccination. The Coalition page lists its numerous member-organizations, each offering a variety of state-specific, nationwide, or international resources for parents seeking support in their vaccination choices.

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