Message from Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D.
We live in a society where chronic childhood illness has become the rule rather than the exception. Finding a child with no food allergies, eczema, asthma, incessant ear infections, seizures, neuro-immune and gut issues, or learning disabilities is becoming more and more difficult. While a child's level of health may depend on many factors, some beyond a parent's immediate knowledge to address, those of us whose children have maintained the robust health they were born with will tell you that it is not just luck but, rather, conscious and carefully researched choices parents make.

Our decisions are rooted in science that informed us what is wrong with the one-size-fits-all standard of well-child care, which prioritizes narrowly tailored goals over general health and has allowed a generation of children to become chronically ill. Our decisions are also rooted in the precautionary principle and maternal intuition.

Some of us were lucky to find a doctor who turned out to be a true champion for our child’s health. Others were not so lucky, having encountered a facet of the medical culture that promotes bullying of parents under the assumption that the medical system “knows best.” Protecting the choices that allow our children to grow up healthy has become a bigger battle than we could have ever anticipated.

Now we have a new task — that of building bridges in children’s health with doctors who will listen to us and understand our choices. It might take time to establish and cultivate a parent-doctor relationship rooted in mutual trust and respect of fully informed consent in pediatric care, as not many doctors can escape the conditioning of the medical system that encourages them to persuade rather than inform their patients or caregivers. But our children deserve this extra effort on our part.

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