Building Bridges in Children's Health
Why Build bridges in children's health?

Building Bridges in Children's Health (BBCH) was formed in response to one mother's experience in receiving medical care for her child, where she felt intimidated, bullied, and disrespected by medical personnel when trying to advocate for her child's medical needs.
This mother realized it was crucial to know her rights and be better prepared for communication with medical providers in order to be able to exercise her parental responsibility for her child's health.
Our mission is to form a community that will move beyond the culture of medical bullying, by equipping parents and doctors with the knowledge of current science and law to help them better protect the health of their children or their pediatric patients.
Our goal is to help parents gain confidence in the health care choices they make and to encourage them to work with doctors who abide by the medical ethics of informed consent.

BBCH is a proud member of the Coalition for Informed Consent.

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